Friday, August 19, 2011

Super Awesome Headphones!

While engaging in one of my favorite online activities known as the ever amazing stumbleupon I cam across an interesting project and of course just had to try it out myself and put my own spin on it.

Not only was the blog absolutely adorable, but also kind enough to let me share this with everyone! And so I give you the original link to Gwyneth's blog so that you can behold the wonders of wrapped headphones yourself! Hey you, click here!

So tell me folks, are you sick of boring headphones? Can't find a funky enough color to match your style? Well BAM check out these babies!

I actually did things a little differently than yourstrulyg's tutorial. I used embroidery thread instead of hemp, since I have a ton on hand because I make friendship bracelets.

As you can plainly see, LOTS of it. And yes, I do organize them by color.
I also didn't wrap but I make a series of loops and knots like you do when making friendship bracelets, so I got the effect of tiny little knots going down the sides but I didn't mind it, I actually really liked how it worked out for me on the top part of the headphones where they split into two different sides.
See? Cool spiral effect on that part. I had to kind of keep turning things to continue it, but I didn't mind. 

I think that any way you decide to try this out will work greatly. I really loved the original idea and thank Gwyneth for the permission to link back to her. Be sure to check out her blog as well, I am telling you, she has some pretty awesome stuff on there!

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