Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Live Cameos

I absolutely love cameos in jewelry. I love cameos in general really. I adore things that have any hint of Victorian-ness and I think that a nice piece of jewelry that has a hint of Victorian in it can really boost the elegance of any outfit.

So I made a couple of pieces this morning, one that I am particularly fond of. Sometimes it can be hard selling this stuff because I adore it so much! I have a serious thing for pearls, and I love that you can buy glass pearls in all kinds of colors. I recently got some black ones that I think are amazing.


A better view of the resin cameo charm. It is one of the smaller ones from the package I brought. I love the rose and I think that the onyx charm adds to the over all piece.

I just adore this necklace. It's a little longer than a choker, about 15 inches long.

Yes, that is me, and my tattoo haha. I think the necklace actually goes great with the tattoo.

This necklace will be one of the items I intend on selling in my shop. Something like this would run about $10-$15 depending on the cost of the materials used.

Happy Crafting!

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